Becoming a Virtual Assistant: My Story

Becoming a Virtual Assistant: My Story

Over my two years of growing as an online entrepreneur and becoming a virtual assistant, I have learned a lot. One of the main things that I have learned becoming a full-time virtual assistant is that in order to establish rapport the best, people need to know your background. 

That makes perfect sense, if you think about it. Why would you trust anyone with the intimate details of your business if you don't know who they even are? Especially in the online realm where this person is portraying your brand for you. 

So, to let you get to know me a little bit better, I would like to show you my origin story. 

Becoming a Virtual Assistant

How I Created My Online Business



Before Blogging: The Disney College Program

Once upon a time, I was preparing for my final few months in college. I was graduating early and didn't have much of a plan for the late spring and summer after getting my bachelor's degree. Enter in: The Disney College Program. The Disney College Program is basically a chance for people who are in college (or recent college grads) to work for Disney Parks, live on property, and learn from Disney executives principles of business, marketing, hospitality, and more.

I had been looking at this program since I was in middle school, but never tried to apply. Until one night, I decided to give it a shot. By some sort of luck and some great interviewing skills, I was accepted into the Fall Advantage 2016 program, set to move to Orlando Florida that May.

To get myself excited, I started watching vlogs and reading blogs about all of the amazing experiences that other people were having on their programs. I'd meticulously watch Olaf and Olivia and read CollinsRace to see what I was getting myself into. Then one night, I decided to start my own blog of my program.

Fast forward to about a month and a half later: I've left the College Program to pursue something in my degree, never wrote a blog post, but learned so much about myself that the entire process was completely worth it. I mean, you can't complain too much about living in Disney World, can you?

Disney College Program 2016 Becoming a VA

My Blogging Adventure

After that, I was working as a Behavior Interventionist for a government organization. I worked with kids with special needs on their social behaviors. This was something so close to what my degree was in, and exactly the job that I thought I wanted post-college, but something still felt missing.

At around the same time, I decided to start getting serious about my health and fitness. I was obese, always tired, and sick of not being able to do things that I really wanted to do (like hiking, riding roller coasters, rock climbing, and so much more). So, I decided to start a fitness instagram and my own weight loss blog (for accountability).

From there, I started learning all about how to start and manage a WordPress blog, how to market content on social media, how to monetize a blog, and how to get my website up on Google. Eventually, I came across a blog post on working from home blogging for other people, and I was intrigued.

Brand New Blog Becoming a Virtual Assistant

Virtual Savvy

Eventually, I fell in the virtual lap of Abbey Ashley, creator of The Virtual Savvy. I would read over her blog posts on starting a Virtual Assistance business and dreamed about helping bloggers write and edit blog posts. Then, in September 2016, I signed up for her eCourse The VA Bootcamp. I watched every lesson and completed every homework assignment available in less than two months, and I was off to the virtual races.

By November, I had my first few clients and by January, I quit my job as a Behavior Interventionist to work online full-time. I used Facebook Groups and Instagram to connect with clients, other freelancers, and bloggers. I had an onboarding process, a website, and everything else I needed to get going. I did it, I was an online entrepreneur.

Becoming a Virtual Assistant

Blogging, Becoming a Virtual Assistant, and Living

By February 2017, I had a decent amount of clients, consistent blog posts, a social media strategy, and even plans to monetize my weight loss blog. But I started feeling the effects of burnout. My 10-14 hour workdays were paying a toll on my mental state, my only attempt at socializing was at the gym, and my gym had recently closed. I was starting to get so stressed that I'd stay up for days on end, unable to sleep. Something needed to change.

So I set off to find that coveted work/life balance. I started taking yoga classes, cut down in my weight loss blogging, and started taking the weekends off. I took a couple of eCourses in managing Instagram and Pinterest, increased my rate, and set office hours to get work done more effectively. This made all the difference.

Becoming a VA


Now, I am still a full-time freelance virtual assistant. I love my clients, my work, and the online universe so dearly, and couldn't ask for a better career. Becoming a Virtual Assistant was easily the best decision I could have made for myself, and I am so excited for what the future holds for me in this career.

Starting in January 2019, I will be taking my online business on the road. I will be traveling while working with other bloggers, updating my weight loss blog (down 80 pounds and counting!!), spending more time getting to know and learn about myself, and continue this incredible journey that is life.

Becoming a VA

In conclusion: My journey to becoming a virtual assistant all started with a mouse, and is continuing with an adventure of a lifetime. 

How did you start your online career? Let me know in the comments below, or tell me all about it on Instagram


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