J. Rochelle Assistance is here to help you take your online creative endeavors to the next level!

Are you a blogger, a coach, a social media influencer, or other creative looking to share your story through social media and blogging? Are you getting caught up somewhere along the sales funnel pipeline? Then we at J. Rochelle Assistance want to make creating and implementing your sales funnel a smooth process. We want to help you reach more of your target audience and get your stories told!


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How To Create a Basic Sales Funnel
How To Create a Basic Sales Funnel
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Becoming a Virtual Assistant: My Story
Becoming a Virtual Assistant: My Story
Over my two years of growing as an online entrepreneur and becoming a virtual assistant, I have learned a lot.…
Coming Soon!
Coming Soon!
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Welcome  to J. Rochelle Assistance


  e want you to have an audience who loves hearing what offers you bring to the table!

In order to do that, we take the time to get to know your business, your goals, and exactly who you want your audience to be before we begin. From there, we work with you on making your signature offer as sweet as possible. When you’re done working with us, you have a solid and optimized website, email list, sales page, opt-in, blog, and social media plan. We give you all the tools and help possible to get your funnel ready for LAUNCH!

Hi There! I'm Jordan

I help online influencers remain stress-free and get their stories told. As someone who loves writing, I found my drive in blogging about my weight loss journey. From there, I decided to help other bloggers do what I did (only better) with their content. 

So I became a virtual assistant, then eventually a sales funnels expert, and haven’t looked back since!